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What I learned in EDCU2720 about teaching online... 

This has been an eye opening course.  I've taken online courses before.  I've had varying degrees of success.  The question I ask myself as I reflect on all my learning experiences is: "What am I supposed to learn here, about myself, about the way I want to teach, about the structures that support my learning.  There have been some hard lessons this semester.   What I learned about myself: I learned that my lack of flexibility was an impediment to my success and e

EDUC2720 - Course Objectives and Content

As part of my design course I created an outline of my workshop, objectives and content.  This was a blog post inside the course and I repost it here. Sanitation and Safety in the Beauty Industry Posted by   Lois Bugg Shadrick  at Sunday, March 1, 2015 1:29:07 AM CSTMy course name Sanitation and Safety in the Beauty IndustryMy revised course objectives:By the end of this course practitioner will be able to:Explain Contamination Control and the reason

Professional Learning Networks Using LinkedIn to Create Human Connections

After looking at the PLNs of some of my classmates I thinking that I may be getting bogged down by too much information.  I'm getting information from many sources (my Feedly feeds, Google +, LinkedIn groups, Twitter).  I find the data/information overwhelming.  I'm going to focus on my areas of interests and making human connections (that is the point isn't it?)  Filling my head with a bunch of information but not sharing it or usi

Tweetdeck, Tweetdeck, Tweetdeck Go!!!

Picture Source: I gave Tweetdeck a poking this week and plan on using it going forward.  So far all the problems I'm having with twitter would be happening weather I was using Twitter or Tweetdeck.  They mostly stem from forgetting to include a needed hashtag.  This week along with Tweetdeck I also used Twtpoll for the first time.  In the 4 days of the poll I had 145 views and only 3 votes.  M

Twitter Untangled!

Picture source: I've had my Twitter account for several years.  It wasn't until I went to sat down with a parent at the Chicago Educational Festival (#edfestchi) did I get the power of Twitter for myself.  It is a quick and easy way to let people know about a topic of interest.  I've been posting to this group ever since.  It is a growing ed reform community and has led me to the Global Educational

                                              Re-Think'n Wikis

Picture Source: Microformats This weeks topic has been an eye opener for me.  I've been using the internet for almost 30 years now and I often think I don't have the bandwidth to learn one more thing.  Reading what everyone else plans to do with wikis has made me look at them in a new way.  I plan to use them as a central place for people to add content.  People can comment on others content and add their own content but can not change other's content.  I'm also

Group Projects and Online Collaboration with Google Docs

picture source: blog post from 5 March 2014 This week I had the opportunity to use Google Plus as a discussion board and Google Docs as a collaboration tool.  Having used connection tools on the internet for 30 years (NASA and Cal Tech had a primitive chat tool), I may come to this assignment with a jaded view.  I prefer synchronous collaboration and communication.  There is no t

Collaboration with Google Docs

Source: Participating in the conversations in my Using Social Media in Online Learning Course have started a transformation in me.  After my experience with Georgia Teaching Fellows last year I felt defeated and began to dought my calling to teach.  The interactions with my teacher and classmates have re-kindled a passion in me.  I was unaware that the sense of community in an online course could be equal to that of a traditional class.  Using Google

Hanging Out with Google+

Many of the videos I watched this week as we looked at using Google+ in the classroom got me thinking about my future as a progressive educator.  The public schools I have been in contact with are sooooooooooooooooooooooo far behind and clearly not ready to fully engage learners with technology, I fear I will have to make my case with private schools.  After watching this video, I wonder what the number are for Illinois?

Constructivism...Doesn't Everyone Do it this Way?

I can't help thinking I'm in a time warp! Having spent most of my career teaching mature learners (post secondary), We always must take into account what the learner already knows and help them map on the new information.  With kids we assume they don't have alot of life experiences.  Young learners do indeed have life experiences just not as many as an adult.  The small number does not stop them from using those experiences to make sense of the world.  So when I think